The Business Credit Guide and Checklist

Learn how to get business credit to grow your business

Without risking your own personal assets or credit

Regardless of your credit issues or lack of collateral

Keep your personal credit and business credit separate


Imagine there was a way to start getting  credit and using it to grow your business, all without being personally liable for your business’ debt…
The secret on how is in the eBook!!

If you’re a small business owner, credit could change everything for you. Having access to lines of credit can mean the difference between getting the equipment you need or being stuck and unable to grow.

Whether you’re a fan of business credit or not, you can’t deny it – some of the largest companies around today wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them leveraging business credit and financing.

Some might even say that the Holy Grail of owning a business is having the ability to receive massive amounts of funding and lines of credit, using the company itself as collateral.

But if you are a small business owner, or just starting your business, you ARE your business!

And right now, if you’re getting credit for your business in your personal name, you’re taking a huge unnecessary risk when it comes to your personal finance.

Not to mention, if your personal credit is poor it would hinder you from getting access to the best credit options for your business.

Having your business credit attached to your personal credit is a no-go!

You’re just…

Not being taken seriously by business vendors.

Lowering your personal credit score and over leveraging your personal finances because of business items appearing on your personal credit report.

Risking all your personal assets, savings, and even indebting your close relatives in the event of a business disaster.

Did you know … ?

Business credit limits are often 10 to 100 times higher than personal credit!
Talk about LEVERAGE!


Your Personal Credit Should Not Affect the Success of Your
Business. You Need Business Credit That’s Independent.

Business credit limits are 10-100 times higher than consumer credit limits – talk about leverage!

But if your personal and business credit reports are linked together, right now, your chances of getting a business line of credit, that you don’t have to personally guarantee, are slim to none.

Business owners always realize this at some point, so they often go as far as paying thousands of dollars so an agency can help them establish business credit!

Because after all, you need credit that’s based on your business’s ability to repay, not on your personal credit profile!

And a credit score that lets lenders trust you yet puts your assets at no risk.

But what you probably don’t realize is that business credit is actually easier to build than consumer credit…

But what’s the first step to getting there?

How do we build a business credit profile that will get us what we need?

How do we make sure we’re getting the right type of credit?

How do we use it to scale our business in no time, without spending a dime of our personal capital?

And how do we do this without paying thousands of dollars to shady agencies?

Well, I have some news for you!

The solution is right here.


Never mix business with personal life. Especially when it
comes to your credit and finances.

The Business Credit Guide & Checklist by Abena Cannady.

Grab The Best-selling E-book Today and Learn How To Get the Business Credit you Need to Propel Your Business Up & Forward!

My name is Abena, and I created The Business Credit Guide & Checklist to help small business owners establish business credit they can use to scale their business!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 8 years, and I have a passion for creating growth and opportunity for those around me.

I’ve always believed that small businesses should have access to the information that the world’s biggest corporations decide to keep for themselves…

That’s why I’m here to share some of it!

In this guide I’m sharing with you the steps I’ve taken to establish credit for my businesses.

No complicated financial jargon!
Not thousands of dollar!

Just an easy to follow guide that will help you take your business to the next level

I promise!

Go through my Business Credit Guide & Checklist, and in less than an hour, you will have:

Learned how to create a powerful business identity that will let you stand out in front of creditors.

Learned how to separate personal and business credit, so you’re never at risk of losing your personal assets, or going into personal debt.

Learned how to establish and improve your business credit the right way and start leveraging credit to build your business!

In addition, I’ll provide you with my special list of vendors in different industries that you can instantly begin applying to…

Sound good?


But don’t just take it from me…

“A logical, step-by-step method that actually works and it’s written in clear, understandable way that anyone can follow. Took the mystery out of building business credit.”
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Get More Credit and Grow Your Business

Improving your business credit goes hand in hand with scaling your business – it’s all the same process! You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to establish healthy credit scores and then grow them alongside your business, giving you access to more funds as you go.

Control Your Finances

When your personal credit score is protected, financial decisions become easier and more objective. You can make choices from a much more rational and logical point of view, knowing that your personal credit scores are not affected by your business’s debt. Not to mention, keeping your business credit separate makes your entire tax process simpler!

Stay Safe

Instantly remove the unnecessary risk of linked credit scores. In this e-book, you’ll learn how to separate your personal and business credit scores. This way, you’ll know that your business is responsible for its debt – not you. Even in the worst case scenario, you’ll always feel calm and confident when it comes to resolving your business’s issue because they don’t directly impact you or your assets.



I’m so confident that my guide will help you establish business credit that is separate from your personal credit that I am going to offer you a no hassle, money back guarantee. If you read this guide and go through the steps outlined and aren’t able to establish business credit I will give you a 100% refund.

No legal jargon! No fine print! No disclaimer!